So…good news and bad news. I’m stocked with paying comics work for the next few months or more. This is good because of food and money, but bad because it would mean a lengthy hiatus on personal work like San Hannibal. However, I and Dan decided we didn’t want to take away the book’s momentum by doing that, so the project’s art duties will be switching hands. The last three and a half (I still drew half of issue 2) chapters will be illustrated by somebody else and going up on Dan’s site (still a work in progress) in August or so, while I’ll keep my work on the book up around here for posterity. My touch and designs will remain, so the changeover shouldn’t be as jarring as I’m sure anybody is imagining.

That leaves the future of my site in flux, but I don’t see that as being a problem for long. The plan for this place was always for it to house any of my creator owned projects going into the future and that still stands. As soon as I have something else ready to go you will see it here, so don’t ditch your bookmarks or rss. Meanwhile, I’ll post any work I’m doing and keep you guys up to date through the blog function. See you for the next one.